• Construction, operation and maintenence of projects for movement of Cargo via waterways at desired location.

  • Transloading Facilities comprising transloader(including standby Transloader) with daughter vessels, tugs, multipurpose vessels, fenders and other required equipment/ infrastructure of 6.64 million tonnes annual transloading capacity

Transloading facilities for handling dry bulk cargo to transhippers as an intermediate destination, then to required destination. Resolving the constraints like draft restrictions, congestion, waiting, handling and transit losses.

Running project:

  • License Agreement for setting up transloading facility for handling dry bulk cargo at Haldia

  • Ship To Ship operations- providing pilot, tug assistance, fenders, etc as required for double banking of OGV alongside transhipper.

  • Discharging Panamax/Capesize vessel at transfer location.

  • Guaranteed Discharge Rate: 26,000 MT/PWWD.

  • Transportation of cargo from transfer point to Haldia.

  • Guaranteed Discharge Rate at Haldia Berth: 20,000 MT/ Ship day.

  • Importer to have option to partly unload OGV and bring it inside dock for final discharge at port.

  • Concession Period: 10 years

  • Transloading Point: Kolkata, Paradip.

Creating infrastructure that can cater to the demands of power plants based along side Ganges over NW-1 and handle 10 MMTPA of Imported Coal within 5 years. Fulfilling the demands of imported coal by thermal power plant at low cost and avoiding handling and transit losses.

  • ?Successfully commissioned the  prestigious project for movement of 3 MMTPA of imported coal to NTPC, Farakka power plant through National  waterways-I

  • Fleet of self propelled barges.

  • 2 nos. fully mechanized transhippers with storage capacity of 68000 MT each to support inland water transportaion

  • Dedicated shipyard for barge building and maintaining facility in Kolkata.

Running Project:

  1. Tripartite Agreemnt for transportation og 3 MMTPA of imported coal to NTPC Power plant located at Farakka through NW-1