Technology & Fleet

We currently owns 2 transhippers.

Vighnharta: Panamax size vessel and having 3 Jib cranes with one telescopic boom conveyor for fast unloading. And soon will be equipted with one more boom conveyor for direct transloading.


Yugalraj: Panamax size vessel and having 4 Jib cranes for fast unloading. And also planned to install a boom conveyor for direct transloading.

propelled barges

A fleet of 30 self propelled barges, removing the cost of tug assistance to tow the loaded barges. Allowing significant cost saving and performance in logistic services.

Information coming soon.

  • 50 ton bollard pull Tug boats.
  • Fully equipped with fire fighting equipment.
  • Capable of harbour movements always ready for support and assistance while time of operations and logistic services.