JITF Vector

Cargo transportation along the Indian coastline has undergone a major transformation with the advent of JITF Vector. JITF Vector offers total logistic solutions and goes beyond rail and road transport to bring corporations the advantages of sea and river freight. It is fast becoming India’s backbone of the water borne transportation with the modern fleet of ships and assurance of reliability. Open sea transshipping has been introduced by JITF Vector, for the first time in the east coast of India, to overcome the draft limitations of the port.

Today JITF Vector is setting new standards through its innovative logistics solutions that help meet the challenge of fuel (especially coal) linkages, for India’s ever growing power generation requirements.

jolsJindal Offshore Logistics Services (JOLS)

JINDAL OFFSHORE LOGISTICS SERVICES named as “JOLS” is a wholly owned subsidiary of Jindal ITF LTD, a joint venture between Jindal Saw Limited and SULOG Transshipment service Private Limited, pioneers of transshipment and barging of coal at Sandheads for the Farakka transhipment project.

JOLS is a dedicated vertical of Jindal ITF Ltd for development of Inland water transportation and providing green logistics solution and offering innovative and cost efficient solution for overcoming the constraints of marine infrastructure in India.